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Our Services

Gambling Addiction Awareness

Through research, case studies and review of the gambling space, we offer tailored gambling addiction awareness over the internet, around communities and in corporate organisations to prevent a hike in gambling addiction while empowering people with relevant knowledge to enable them to seek help or support suspected addicts within their social networks.

Gambling Addiction Screening and Assessments

we offer general and individualised screenings and assessments, utilising a range of clinically developed tools and approach to identify people at risk of gambling addiction and determine appropriate treatment/care plans required to restore good health and wellbeing.

Gambling Addiction Management and Treatment

We provide clinical evidence-based treatment services which range from outpatient to inpatient care, subject to the nature of addiction towards ensuring wellness. Our team of consultant psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, therapists and counsellors are strategically equipped with relevant experience and training to guarantee healing.

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Other Services

Tele-Therapy and Counselling Services

We provide a broad range of technology-based services including phone call counselling, video-based counselling and chat-based therapy support for gambling addicts, their family members and others within their social support system towards resolving issues irrespective of the location of the patient.

Support Groups (Virtual and Physical)

we create support groups and safe spaces for people dealing with gambling addiction and others who suffer the spillover effect to open up their fears, concerns and challenges which is ultimately resolved through the efficient and supportive social support systems we create.