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About Us

Our History

Psychgam Services is Nigeria’s first and leading treatment service for gambling addiction which commenced operation in 2021.

Formed by a consortium of mental health service providers in Nigeria, Intersect Consortium, Psychgam Services responds to the needs of those at risk of gambling addiction, individuals already suffering from gambling addiction and the family members of people with gambling addiction.

Leveraging months of extensive clinical research, case study reviews and context assessments, the Psychgam Service integrates locally relevant and globally accepted approaches to deliver holistic prevention, treatment and aftercare services to patients with gambling addiction.

We understand that the level of awareness of the risk of gambling addiction in Nigeria and other parts of Africa is low. Thus, we explore multi-level collaboration and multi-channel communication strategies to close the awareness gap while connecting people to relevant services.

Ever since, we have continued to evolve and position ourselves in the gambling addiction space, driven by an unparalleled desire to serve.
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What To Expect

Choosing the Psychgam could make the difference in your quest for overcoming gambling addiction. Dialling our phone lines or a drive to one of our service locations may just be the beginning of your wellness and recovery journey.

You can expect a high level of professional assistance from our pool of clinical and support workers. The feeling will be that of welcome, we love you and how can we help you? Such an intimate level of clinical relationship will make you feel comfortable, confident in our approach and set you on a course to overcome your gambling addiction.

We are always ready to listen, even if it is ‘that bad’ and you can trust us to stand by you all the way.